TC Engineering and Fabrication was formed in 2010.

Our company motto says “We Shape Steel” and with this in mind, we manufacture and repair machinery for the food and beverage industry and have been responsible for the supply of stainless steel mixers, blenders, conveyors, fryers, hoppers and chutes to various companies in the Food and Beverage industry.

General engineering

General engineering such as the fabrication of man cages, forklift man cages, framework in the form of staircases and walkways. Support structures for storage tanks and machinery.

Repairs and modifications to forklift masts. The supply of attachments such as Adaptor Carriages, Sideshifters, multiple Sideshifters, Fork Positioners, Multi Pallet Handlers, Rotators and many more attachments.


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Turning & Milling

- Shafts
- Bushes
- Gears
- Machine parts

we machine components for the earth moving industry, food industry and general purpose.

Fabrication of :

- Conveyors 
- Hoppers
- Tanks 
- Frameworks in m/s & s/s

Fabrication of hoppers, frameworks and conveyors in mild steel and stainless steel to customer specification.

Forklift Attachments :

- Paper roll clamps
- Bale clamps
- Fork spreaders
- Double & Single palet handlers

We sell new and used forklift attachments with warranty, back up services and spares.

Hydraulic Cylinders :

- Mast cylinders
- Tilt cylinders
- Double & Single acting cylinders
- Steering axle cylinders

We Manufacture new hydraulic cylinders, we also do repairs and servicing on hydraulic cylinders.