Services We Provide.

Some of our expert areas we focus in.

Turning & Milling.

We also do machine components for earth moving industries, food industries and general purpose.

Fabrication of Hoppers.

Fabrication of hoppers, frameworks and conveyors in mild steel and stainless steel.

Forklift Attachments.

We sell new and used forklift attachments with warranty, back up services and spares.

Hydraulic Cylinders.

We manufacture new hydraulic cylinders, aswell as repairs and servicing on hydraulic cylinders.

Structural shape rolling uses profile rolling techniques where the workpiece is passed through a series of flatteners (of larger magnitude than most common rolling devices) that match the workpieces' cross-section. The most common method uses 3 rollers; the bending is controlled by varying the distance between the rollers.

Structural shapes can be rolled in different ways such as the “easy-way”, the “hard-way”, heel in/out, ball in/out, leg in/out, stem in/out, and off axis. The hard-way would be bending the workpiece in the orientation where its moment of inertia is the greatest. The easy-way is bending the workpiece along the axis with the smallest moment of inertia. For example, a piece of angle iron rolled the easy-way would be rolled along one of its flanges, while the hard-way would be along the angle itself.

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