conveyor pulleys

What is a hydraulic cylinder?

Different kinds of conveyor pulleys

Take a look at tcef's conveyor pulleys 

Head pulleys

This is the head located at the discharge point. This usuelly will drive the conveyor and other larger pulleys for better traction.

Tail and wing pulleys

The tail pulley is located at the loading end of the belt. It comes with either a flat face or a slatted profile (wing pulley), which cleans the belt by allowing material to fall between the support members.

Snub pulleys

A snub pulley improves the traction of the drive pulley, by increasing its belt wrap angle.

Drive pulleys

Drive pulleys, which can also be the head pulley, are driven by a motor and power transmission unit to propel the belt and material to the discharge.

Bend pulleys

A bend pulley is used for changing the direction of the belt.

Take-up pulley

A take-up pulley is used to provide the belt with the proper amount of tension. Its position is adjustable.

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